echoPHP phpBB Multi-Forums v4.0.1 stable for phpBB 3.0.14 is now available!!! It's faster, more powerful and will optimize your revenues even more than previous versions.
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Welcome to services was launched in February 2006 and offers a phpBB MultiForums hosting script. We're proud that it's become the best script for multiple phpBB forums in the world. echoPHP has been providing excellent service and will continue to develop this script to satisfy our clients' requests.

What is it?

echoPHP phpBB Multiple Forums is a script that allows webmasters to host multiple phpBB forums on their own domains. Using this script, the webmaster can earn revenues from ads and users' upgrades. The tools provided with this script allows webmasters to easily manage the hosted forums, insert advertisements, customize upgrade packages, and much more.

The forums created by this script include all the functions of a standard phpBB forum, plus some advanced functions allowing forum administrators to customize their forums which, in turn, will inadvertently increase revenues for the Multi Forum administrators. It's become very popular among many professional free forum hosting services all over the world and is helping to bring in revenues for the owners of those services.

With only a very small investment, you can become the owner of your own professional free forum services and start making money through the web across the globe!

Live Demo Site

Our live demo site is located at

Why choose it?

  •  Excellent script.

  •  Support forums.

  •  Compatible with phpBB hacks.

  •  Release updates frequently.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.