echoPHP phpBB MultiForums supports many great features allow you manage your forums easily, maximum your revenue and run rapidly.

Available Features for users

Sub domains: The script supports sub domains with each forum having its own sub domain rather than index.php?mforum=something. This helps to increase your domain's search engine rankings! You can manage the sub domains and forums easily via the admin area.

Search Engine Optimization supported: The script allows you and your users to customize forum meta tags, such as description, keywords, abstract, etc., which helps generate relevant tools to maximize your traffic. Support for forums and Multi Forum home page, signup page, board directory, etc.

Multiple Databases: This is a feature not found standard in ANY other multi-user software currently available! It allows you to set up as many databases as you want / need, to keep your server running smoothly. You can also configure the number of forums you want on each database - 1 or 100, it's up to you! Once one database is full, the script will automatically switch to the next database. If there is not one available, signups will automatically be turned off and you will be notified that the database is full.

Multiple Domains: Another feature not found standard in ANY other multi-user software! echoPHP MF's license allows you to use our software to set up forums on multiple domains. As an added bonus, echoPHP MF is set up to allow the same forum name for different domains. Example: User 1 signs up for User 2 comes along and wants to set up With echoPHP MF, this is possible!

Ajax Enabled: Most functions in phpBB MF have been programmed using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology. Perform multilple tasks without waiting for your page to refresh a dozen times!

Automatically Inserted Ads: Ads are inserted automatically on the users' forums, wherever you want them to be - top, between posts and / or bottom. it's your choice!

Automated Signups: Choose whether to use email or instant activation. What's the difference? Email Activation will allow the user to pick their own password, but will require them to confirm their email address by clicking the link in an email sent to them by phpBB MF. Instant Activation allows instant access to the forums, but emails the user their randomly generated password (which again confirms their email addresses).

Advanced Signups: Users are able to customize their forum meta tags: description, keywords, abstract. Setup of forum titles and forum languages at sign up time are possible.

Secure Signups: phpBB MF performs multiple security checks on the data entered in the signup form, before allowing it to be submitted. If a user is trying to spam from your signup form, they won't get far! You can control options: users have to enter verification code, limit number of forums per day, disable forum names, prevent multiple accounts per email address.

User Admin Flexibility: Forum admins have virtually complete control of the forum in their admin panel - including upgrading their forum status to remove ads and/or have access to database downloads, setting their own forum logos, changing their forum category, and changing their board's theme. All of this is, of course, controllable by the Multi Forums admin via the MF admin panel.

Advanced Ad Removal and Database Backup Access: Users have the option of removing ads by paying a flat fee (that you set) or by purchasing a number of ad-free impressions. Database backups are handled in a similar fashion - they can pay a flat fee to have 'unlimited' access to backups, or they can purchase blocks of downloads at a certain price (again, which you set).

Paid Upgrades: Users can upgrade their forums to remove ads (by purchasing a number of ad-free impressions or paying a flat fee for ad removal) and are also able to get access to database backups (by purchasing a number of downloads - in blocks you set or paying a flat fee), all at prices YOU set! Currently using Paypal's IPN technology and 2Checkout to process payments, upgrades are automatic for verified, confirmed, instant Paypal payments (eChecks will not automatically upgrade the account until it has cleared). You also have the ability to choose one time or recurring payments.

MultiForum Admin Features

Forums at a Glance: View hosted forums easily; perform tasks on multiple forums at once, and more!

In Depth Forum Control: support Search form allows you to reach any particular forum easily. phpBB MF allows you to perform many tasks on individual forums, such as:
  •  Suspend/Unsuspend.
  •  Enable/Disable Ads.
  •  Put into/Take out of Maintenance Status.
  •  Take/Relinquish Forum Admin.
  •  Download SQL backup.
  •  Delete Forum.
  •  Change Forum Category.
  •  Rename Forum. Did someone make a typo? Change their forum name quickly and easily.
  •  Change Domain. Allow you change domain for a forum if you use multiple domains. EX: change to
  •  Change Database. The database of the forum is too big, move it to another small database is easier than ever.
  •  Grant AdFree Impressions.
  •  Edit Meta Tags: Description, Keywords, Abstract.
  •  Email to forum admin.

Approve/Delete Pending Forums: For users who can't receive confirmation emails or who lost their confirmation emails, you can approve their forums with a click. Or for users which don't confirm their signups for an extended time, you can delete them. A search form is also included, which allows you to easily filter forums.

Illegal Terms Search: Concerned that someone may be using your service for warez or porn? A quick search will tell you if your suspicions are right!

Inactive Forum Pruning: Why host forums that are never used, and are taking up precious space on your server? The pruning tool will remove forums that haven't been active for the number of days you specify.

Categories: Keep all your forums neatly organized into categories. Add, Edit and Delete categories as necessary!

Email Templates: You have full control over what is contained in the emails sent out when someone signs up, when you suspend their forum, or when you take admin control of their forum.

Emailer: Contact all Suspended, all pending, all active, or all current forum hostees easily.

Ad Management: Ad Management couldn't be simpler! Just paste your ad code and click save

Ad Color Match Management: allows you to define the color in hexa value that will match colors of Google Adsense to to better optimize your revenue.

Forum Admin News: Do you want to notify your forum admins of upcoming maintenance? Adding news is easy. You also control what’s published.

Premium Upgrades Control: Set the prices for your upgrades, your Paypal and 2Checkout information, and view transaction information in real time. You also have the ability to change certain information for individual transactions.

IP Banning: Ban a single IP or an entire range.

Maintenance Control: View/Edit/or Add Databases and Domains.

mySQL Upgrade Tool: A very powerful tool that allows you to perform database updates on your pre-existing forums. For example, if a new release of phpBB comes out that requires a database update, you can easily run it on your already hosted forums. You can also use it to install additional mods for forums.

Terms of Service Editor: Edit the terms of your forum host with ease.

Set Default Logo: Allows you upload default logo for new forums.

Powerful Configuration Tool:
- Board Signup-Related:
  •  Prevent/Allow new signups.
  •  Choose signup mode: Email Activation or Instant Activation.
  •  Prevent/Allow multiple accounts per an email address.
  •  Require or Not require users to agree with Terms of Service upon signup.
  •  Require or Not require users to enter verification code.
  •  Require or Not require users to enter meta tags (description, keywords, abstract).
  •  Limit number of new signups per day.
  •  Limit number of forums per database.
  •  Set default forum language for signup page.
  •  Prevent invalid forum names.
  •  Set up initial forum name, initial forum description, initial post subject, initial post content for new forums.
- Forum Integrated Stuff:
  •  Set default template for forum administration panel (only for phpBB2).
  •  Prevent/Allow users to upgrade their forums.
  •  Prevent /Allow forum admins to upload their forum logos.
  •  Prevent /Allow co-forum admins to upload logos.
  •  Choose Logo Customization Methods (upload, link or upload and link).
  •  Limit maximum size of logo that forum admins are allowed to upload.
  •  Limit valid file types to avoid invalid images or backdoor shells.
  •  Choose overrall_header.tpl template format for uploading logo (echoPHP MF v1 or Sebflipper), only for echoPHP MF v2.
  •  Set no ads pages. Ex: posting page, login page.
  •  Prevent /Allow forum admins to change their forum categories.
  •  Enable/Disable admin news at forum admin index.
  •  Show/Not Show upgrade transactions forum admins made.
  •  Prevent /Allow forum admins active/deactive adfree by impresssions that they purchased.
  •  Limit number of posts that forum admins can download their forum backups. If it reach to the limit, you have to download and send it to forum admins to avoid server high load.
  •  Enable/Disable Google Ads Color Match.
  •  Enable/Disable ads between posts.
  •  Show/Not Show ads between posts for registered users.
  •  Set multiple ad show position for ads between posts.
- Search Engine Optimization:
  •  Prevent /Allow meta tags for SEO purpose.
  •  Prevent /Allow meta tags for forums and MF related pages: description, keywords, abstract.
  •  Set default meta tags for forums and MF related pages: description, keywords, abstract.
  •  Set meta tags for MF related pages: description, keywords, abstract.
  •  Force/Not Force root website as homepage.
  •  Enable/Disable pretty keywords urls.
  •  Set global other meta tags for forums and MF related pages.
- General:
  •  Set Site Name.
  •  Set system email address where notification/alert/warning emails will be sent.
  •  Suspend/Un-suspend All Forums.
  •  Customize redirect url for non-existent forums.
  •  Send/Not Send notification emails to MF admins when new forums created.
  •  Use/Not Use WYSIWYG Editor for MF admin area.
  •  Send/Not Send notification emails to forum admins when MF admins take their accounts.
  •  Set default admin username when take admins.
  •  Set number of days to prune inactive and pending forums.
  •  Set MF admin area language.
  •  Set bottom of forums (your copyright, tracking code, etc).
- Banned IPs:
  •  Enable/Disable banning tool for MF related pages.
  •  Ban a single IP or range of IPs.

The live demo site is located at If you would like to have more features for your script, feel free to request new features. Please submit at Feature Requests forum.