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River wrote: Can't you ask questions in a more polite way?
Let's see here.
I've brought issues up more than 'politely'. The devs ignored them. Hell, they had 3 weeks of warnings about problems with servers. Did they do anything? Huh? Come on, now, answer!
The time for 'politeness' is at an end. The developers have a responsibility to their clients to provide answers, and updates.
Since the end of last month , we've heard "soon", yet, seen nothing at all for stability.

I've got people screaming at ME because these people can't provide stability worth a damn, that is every reason to be upset. Top that with incompetent administration and refusal to acknowledge concerns and update the software in a timely manner, and you've got one bad situation.

Development is a shitty job, I know this well. Loss of data because you can't back it up is just inexcusable. Loss of pace because you don't want to backup test work is unacceptable.

We've heard "The problems have been fixed", regarding issues with site and server, yet, apparently they weren't, because we're here, forgetting all data that's been in place since October.

Some data loss is acceptable, but not months of it. That shows incompetent administration, ESPECIALLY when dealing with cpanel servers.

River wrote: Yeah, so the dataloss of the site was bad but that doesn't mean everything is back to square one? you're jumping to conclusions.
Tried downloading v3 from the client area? OOPS, you can't do it. We're back to square one. If we weren't, the download would be there already.

You can call it harsh all you like, I don't care. The fact is that echo has dropped the ball, and not SLIGHTLY , but majorly here! They refused to acknowledge server problems, they refused to backup, they refused to address issues in proper fashion. That's utter and complete incompetence.
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