Patch for 'phpBB-3.0.0_to_phpBB-3.0.1 Update' released

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Patch for 'phpBB-3.0.0_to_phpBB-3.0.1 Update' released

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Dear beautiful members,

We have just released a patch package for phpBB-3.0.0_to_phpBB-3.0.1 Update package. It's echoPHP MF 3 - (can be downloaded from your client area). It fixes a HTML bug in /adm/style/acp_language.html that allow your members can click on language detail to edit language packs on your system. Fortunately, MF was designed to deny this action itself so it's not important to fix but we still recommend you update the file to avoid questions regard to this bug from your members.

We encourage all clients update the file as soon as possible because it just take a minute to complete.

If you have any questions/problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at our helpdesk ( at anytime.

Thank you.
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