echoPHP phpBB MultiForums 3.0.2 Released

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echoPHP phpBB MultiForums 3.0.2 Released

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Dear beautiful members,

We are very pleased to release a new update for the version 3. It's echoPHP MF 3.0.2. It includes bug fixes and new updates for the version 3.0.1.

fixed: XSS vulnerabiltiy bugs of /includes/acp/acp_mf.php
updated: replaces /mf_functions/stats.php with the un-encoded version
updated: supports phpBB 3.0.6
updated: ability to complete 'pending' order via Order Manager
updated: only one instance of cron can run at a same time
new: able to change email header delimiter via sdata.config.php
And some other bugs are also fixed.

Please refer to README.html in the upgrade package (echoPHP MF 3.0.1 - Upgrade to

Please refer to README.txt in the installation package (echoPHP phpBB MultiForums

Before upgrading/installing your MF, check your server configuration for new version compatibility. Click here to download MF detector. If your server isn't affordable to upgrade to or install this new version, upgrade your server then run the detector again.

We encourage all clients upgrade their echoPHP MFs to the lastest version as soon as possible to get bug fixed and new updates/features.

If you have any questions/problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at our helpdesk ( at anytime.

Thank you.
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