Modding, Styles, File system?

Any question you may have to help determine if this is the right forum script for you.
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Modding, Styles, File system?

Post by lailai » Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:46 am

Hi there, I was thinking of phpBB hosting script or this one echophp. i have some questions.

1 How easy is it to add 3rd party mods?
2 Is is possible for a user to choose what mod they want?
3 How easy is it to add styles?
4 Do each forum have their own files, or they just use one?
5 Is the script optimized for large number of forums?
6 Is there cache system? What do you cache?
7 Is there any major features that phpBB hs do not have?
8 Can users add custom smilies, logos, etc
9 Is it secure? Is there protection against dangerous control panel stuff?
10 Can I insert advertisements? How easy will it be?


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Re: Modding, Styles, File system?

Post by echophp » Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:56 pm


1. It's based on the 3rd party MODs. If a MOD is easy to install on standalone phpBB version, it will easy almost. The MOD installation process will a bit different from installation for standalone phpBB.
2. No, it's not possible at this time. However, if you know PHP programming you can customize yourself or have it customized.
3. It's same as standalone phpBB version. You just need to upload new styles into the style folder /styles
4. All forums share 1 phpBB source, styles, smilies, avatar gallery, ranks.
5. It supports unlimited forums, support multiple databases (currently with a same user account). In fact, it's base on your server resource.
6. It currently uses file cache, same as phpBB. And will be extended to other cache types in future (memcache, APC, etc).
7. We currently don't have a stats for that.
8. Users can upload logos (if allowed). If they want to use their own smilies, you have to upload new smilies into /images/smilies/
9. Admin must verify identify with username, password and confirmation code to log into admin area.
10. You can insert your advertisements. You are able to manage them all via admin area.

For live demo, please visit For trial version, please visit

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your inquiries.

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