Please reissue your license, re-upload phpBBMF and local key

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Please reissue your license, re-upload phpBBMF and local key

Post by echo » Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:15 am


We moved to a new and stable server. You may have some problems with the license key. Please reissue your license, re-upload phpBB MF, re-upload local key. Please follow these instructions to resolve the problem.

1. Login into client area.
2. Re-download "phpBB MultiForums v1 (Last Updated 01-10-2007)" -> uncompress -> delete /mf_functions/multiconfig.php, /mf_admin/include/multiconfig.php, install.php and modified files -> upload uncompressed files (do not upload phpBB files, just need to upload phpBB MF files in Binary mode).
2. Go to "View Licenses" page -> click "View & Download" on each license -> check for your correct info -> click "Reissue License" to reissue your license.
3. Go to phpBB MF admin area or a page such as signup.php to unlock your new reissued license -> check your new email from echoPHP or you can click "Download Local Key" to get new local key -> upload and overwrite key.php (same location as home.php).
4. That's all.
5. If you are still having any problems or the problem can not be resolved, please let us know.

EDIT: If you get new license key, please update it at /mf_functions/multiconfig.php and /mf_admin/includes/multiconfig.php.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We wish you can resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you very much and thank you for your time.

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