Moving multiple forums at once

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Moving multiple forums at once

Post by twhiting9275 » Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:04 pm

Ok, this one got 'lost' in the mess today somewhere, but it's important enough, at least to me, to put it back up here.

We need some kind of 'mass move' option here. Moving forums from database to database should never, ever, have to be done one at a time. it's time consuming, tedious, and, ick, just ick.

Perfect example of this:

Monday morning, I had a hard drive failure. Not Echo's fault, it happens.

On recovering from said hard drive failure, I found that a good 3-5 databases weren't backed up properly when they should have been. Intriguing. Again, not echo's fault, it happens.

Further investigation showed that mysql5 tends to throw a 'too many open files' error out there when it's not (open_files_limit=819200, I really doubt there were THAT many open files).. This was caused by too many forums on one db (I had 25).

Cutting the forums down to 10 per db seems to solve the issue, but then I have to go back through and move all of the forums off of those that have too many forums on them to begin with, JUST to get backups of them. Umm, ick.

Here's where the fun begins. I spent a good 2 hours yesterday having to move forums from db to db, when I should have had to spend 10 minutes, with select multiple, and the option to move them.

Also, something needs to be added to the 'search' section of admin area so we can look for forums on one specific db. Again, would have made life a LOT easier yesterday am.
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