anyone selling?

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anyone selling?

Post by zincuk » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:43 pm

there free form service?

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Re: anyone selling?

Post by ddemetrius456 » Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:41 am

didn't get you. be specific and elaborate a bit

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Re: anyone selling?

Post by didraro » Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:23 pm

ddemetrius456, zincuk, zincuk,

Hy i wana propose you an bussines i think you will receive many money . I am not interested to win something and just to use some of my services and advertising on all my projects...

I have about 32 Domains and others 6-10 who are not my domains but it cant be added to Forum...

The problem it is that i dont own a license , i have many Styles selected , i work even in design and coding parts of HTMl , PHP but script for me it is to much expensive , and i can not own it . I have many projects and lots of visitors starting fom www.QuaintKal.Net , www.Scene4.US and others many ...

We can make something powerfull if you are interested pls let me know thanks

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Re: anyone selling?

Post by albertlbrt11 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:18 am

Sorry i can't get you .What's the topic .Please elaborate it ..............

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