I paid for branding removal but its still showing.

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I paid for branding removal but its still showing.

Post by Camphost » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:13 pm


I am new customer who purchased a lifetime license along with branding removal. I have submitted two support tickets so far but haven't got a reply so thought I'd bring my questions to the forum:

1st: I purchased the branding removal yet the branding is still shown at the bottom of my main site as well as on the bottom of all styles in the users forums. I found one setting in the admin to turn off "Powered by" and I checked Yes but that had no effect. The knowledge base says not to manually remove the branding or the MF will stop functioning. It says the branding will be automatically removed at "Run Time". I've done everything I can think of including rebooting the server but all the branding still remains.

2nd: I submitted a support ticket to have my forum name "Camphost" be included in the client private forums. The way I understood it was that there are additional forums for paid customers. I'm assuming these additional forums will have more information, tips, and tricks to help the MF customers.

Other than these two issues everything is going smoothly so far. I've going through the various styles and decided which ones to use right now. I do have some newbie questions that I feel I could find answers to by searching the client area forums once I get access. So I'll wait until I get a reply here before I ask too many newbie questions.

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Re: I paid for branding removal but its still showing.

Post by angeljs » Thu May 09, 2013 8:17 am

Hi, did you ever get this sorted as I'm having the same problem? :(

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