All PHP files are encrypted!

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All PHP files are encrypted!

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I am an owner of an echophp license.

Currently, all the php files are encrypted.

I suggest echophp to encrypt only 1 or 2 license files and leave the rest of the files unencrypted to make it easy for us to customize the script to suit our needs. Being protective is good, but echophp is too protective.

Of all the scripts that I see in the market, I only see echophp encrypted all the php files. Not only this will hurt echophp sales, it also makes it hard for us to modify and add features to make our business unique.

I hope to see echophp change its approach and only encrypt 1 or 2 files like all other scripts in the market.

Please think it over.
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Re: All PHP files are encrypted!

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I am planning on doing something like that after I do the next big update.
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