100+ DevOps Interview Questions You Must Prepare To Get Job

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100+ DevOps Interview Questions You Must Prepare To Get Job

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DevOps stands for Development and Operations is a well-renowned software development practice that most of the organizations adopt into their workflow. With the help of DevOps, the development and distribution of software products are revolutionized. According to Forrester (a top research firm), more than 50% of the organization has implemented and expanding whereas 27% are planning to implement in the near future. Biggest enterprises such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Netflix have implemented and opening multiple positions for DevOps engineers. There is no doubt that the job listing is increasing but the job market is highly competitive where you have to cover different challenging subjects for DevOps interview questions. Keep in mind, you can’t get a job without preparing DevOps questions.

Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/devops-interview-questions/
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